In a final, mistakenly overlooked Witch episode, gina Breedlove and adrienne get into Grace’s language, singing the Delfonics, kneeling before different altars, connecting to the throughline of love and peace, moving to the Bay, missionary lineage, touching cemetery dirt, a sense of connection to a patron saint in Ireland, using sound to express grief, holy roller Baptism, the holy ghost taking over for the first time, speaking in tongues, something about our generation partnering across time/space realities, the practice of being a channel, the importance of grief-letting, care-taking as grief avoidance and spiritual hygiene.

gina Breedlove (she/they/grace) is a sound healer, grief doula, vocalist, composer, and oracle for Grace, born in Brooklyn, N.Y. She began her walk with spirit and sound at age 9, singing in her family's missionary baptist church near the Apalachicola river, in florida. gina has toured the world as featured vocalist with Harry Belafonte, Craig Harris, Sekou Sundiata, and Ronny Jordan, to name a few. She created the role of "Sarabi", for the Broadway production of, "The Lion King", has worked on two Spike Lee joints, as an actor and sound healer, recorded two records, "Open Heart", & "Language of Light", and has just completed writing a book for Sounds True publishing, to be released in November, 2023, titled: The Vibration of Grace: Sound Healing Rituals for Liberation. gina currently tours with her music and sound healing offerings, sharing the medicine of Grace in every city she visits. She comes from red dirt, brackish water, moss covered trees, and a lineage of women who lay hands, and source the limitless power of sound as a healing modality.


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Music by Tunde Olaniran, Mother Cyborg , The Bengsons andd AUTUMN



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