On September 29th, 2022 The Brown Sisters joined together to deliver a live dual keynote as a part of the YWCA Madison's Racial Justice Summit. Speaking on themes of emergence, surrender, and healing, adrienne and Autumn explore how sisterhood, healing practices, and song support opening to the next world.

Special thanks to the YWCA Madison Summit Team:

Erin Farrar, Development and Volunteer Coordinator

Faith Stevenson, Race and Gender Equity Practitioner

Gery Paredes Vasquez, Race and Gender Equity Director

Jay Young, Development and Marketing Manager

Jill Pfeiffer, Development and Marketing Director

Libby Tucci, Race and Gender Equity Practitioner

Vanessa McDowell, CEO


What if a vibrant, multiracial movement for justice is within our grasp? What practices make it possible for us to not only build this movement, but to be its courageous membership?

In this special event, Autumn Brown will guide participants through a Black Feminist approach to healing the wound of disconnection inherent in white supremacy and racial capitalism. In this participatory keynote, we will map the practices that will build a vibrant, multiracial movement, and remedy the fault lines that we are so often re-inscribing within our movements from the very culture of dominance and control we want to dismantle. MORE INFO.


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